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Willie - posted 09/17/2013

From Catherine of Bridgeport, CT

With 3 parakeets, 4 cockatiels, a conure, and a cockatoo, I'm not sure why I thought I needed another bird--but then I saw Willie the Hahn's Macaw on Petfinder. I set up a series of appointments to get to know him, and drove down to New York. As soon as we were introduced, Willie proceeded to 1) poop on me; 2) bite me. In spite of this, we seemed to enjoy each others company, and the good people at Feathered Friends and I decided mine would be a good home for the little guy. We've now been together for about four years--and, since even little macaws have long life spans, I expect we'll be together for many more. Willie can still be aggressive, and likes to get his own way. "You can't always get what you want" has been a tough lesson for him to learn. But I forgive everything when he gives me a kiss on the cheek (complete with a smacking sound), or announces, "I'm a GOOD boy!" when he swings into his cage on command as I get ready to head to work in the morning. While all my birds contribute to my life as much as I contribute to theirs, Willie has been the biggest challenge. It's been hugely satisfying watching him become the happy, healthy, affectionate pet he is today.

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