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Finnley - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Finnley, a dog
Adopted from Great Dog Rescue New England, Andover, MA

Finnley - posted 08/24/2013

From Taurie of Easthampton, MA

When I first met Finnley, she was very shy and nervous. I spent an hour with her that first day, and she was shaking the whole time.

Finnley was found wandering, homeless, in the woods. She was a fairly new mother, being found with four puppies. Other than that, I know nothing of her background. Most of her teeth are broken, and since she is only about two years old, the vet said she probably broke them trying to get out of a cage.

After I decided to adopt her, I could not wait to get her home. I emailed the adoption coordinator relentlessly. (he was very understanding about this). When I finally brought her home, we got off to a rough start. She didn't go to the bathroom for two days! I took her to the emergency vet twice, but nothing was wrong.

On the third day, she relaxed a little and finally relieved herself. I've never been so happy to have a dog pee!

The next thing we had to overcome was her separation anxiety. Finnley became very attached to me soon after adoption. One day my neighbor called me at work to tell me that Finnley was on the roof! She couldn't find me, jumped over her baby gates that were supposed to keep her safe in the kitchen, and climbed out the window in my room. I raced home and found my neighbors on a ladder trying to save her.

Since that experience, Finnley has seen a vet for anxiety medicine, been to a training class, and been to a behaviorist. She has come out of her shell so much. The training has given her confidence and we have had no more traumatic moments.

I have had Finnley for three months now. She has gone from shaking uncontrollably when meeting anyone new, to wagging her tail and walking up to strangers to sniff them. She amazes me every day. She eats better, she's happy all the time, she is so well behaved and sweet. I am completely in love. Rescuing her was the best choice I've ever made.

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When I first met Finnley, she was very shy and nervous. I spent...
Adopted from Great Dog Rescue New England, Andover, MA

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