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Charlie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Charlie, a cat
Adopted from Courageous Cats, Malverne, NY

Charlie - posted 07/25/2013

From Sandra of Troy, NY

My cat Clyde's health had been recently starting to fade so I browsed Petfinder for cats. I wasn't terribly serious about looking and when I saw Charlie's (formerly Alicia) photo my heart stopped. "I must have this kitten," I thought. I contacted Courageous Cats via email, and Facebook but darn she was pending adoption! So, saddened I really didn't really feel that way about any other kitten I saw. I didn't really search, and about a month later, I saw her on Petfinder again! I got so excited I emailed right away, her pending adoption didn't go through, and they felt that she was prematurely put online because she was a little too young. I filled out the application right away, went and met her, and then took her home. As soon as I met her she fell asleep in my arms. They knew and I knew that I was her Mom. The people at the organization told me that several people put in applications for her, and some have met her, and they were not right for her. But they knew immediately I was!! So I took Charlie home, and got a new job and moved almost immediately. Crazy! My other cat's health was failing so during my move she was cared for by my parents as not to add additional stress. So when I introduced the cats, the elderly one got a little hissy, but now, its like a new life was brought back into her. She went from shaky bones, almost falling over to running around chasing and playing with the kitten. I couldn't be happier.

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