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Tank - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Tank, a dog
Adopted from Almost Home Animal Sanctuary, Limekiln, PA

Tank - posted 08/05/2013

From Andy & Dee of Allentown, PA

AHAS rescued Tank from a shelter in NYC... on the very same day he was scheduled to be euthanized. His name at the time was Cappy and he was just over a year old. His former "family" had decided to leave the country and did not want him anymore, and yes, the shelter told them he would most likely be euthanized since he was over a year-and-a-half and was a cane corso... a bully breed. He spent a short time with Tara at AHAS and within weeks we found him on petfinder. My fiancé and I were about to buy our first house and always wanted a dog. Adoption was a must since we live near many Amish puppy mills in PA. When we met Cappy at the kennels, he immediately ran into my fiancé, like a headbutt and sat down in front of us, he looked at us and then at the door and we knew he was ready to leave with us. We adopted him the next day. After calling him a few names, he responded to Tank and given the headbutt, it seemed fitting. Nothing in life is this easy though, we were unable to close on our house as the seller had suddenly left the country for a family emergency. That left Cappy in the kennels for the time being since we were not allowed pets at our current residence. This went on for almost 2 months. We would drive 3x a week for over an hour to visit him and take him away from that concrete floor. We developed an amazing relationship and trust with him, the caretaker said he never whined or cried as if he knew we would be back. The day came when we finally moved in, and Tank ran into the house and curled up on the sofa. Within 3 months, AHAS called us about a young cane corso found in Philadelphia, a stray. One meeting with Tank and this emaciated 6 month old puppy who had lived on the streets his whole life, was about to join our family. We named him Trooper and these 2 male cane corsos are still best friends. We love them so much we started to foster dogs for AHAS and have not only saved our 2 boys, but have helped 9 others so far until their adoption time came. It's amazing the impact Tank has made on our lives and those he meets, showing the loving side of bully breeds everywhere.

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