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Nettie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Nettie, a dog
Adopted from Out West Pet Rescue, Prosser, WA

Nettie - posted 07/05/2013

From Robyn of Richland, WA

My story is one I share with my grandmother. About a month ago I lost my beloved chocolate Lab of 10 years to liver cancer. I was absolutely devastated to lose her, and four days later our 16-year-old Jack Russell decided it was his time to go and that was just the worst week I have ever had. I could not believe the timing and I was crying every day missing our pups terribly. We had one pup left, a large German Shepherd mix named Blue. He was my mom's dog and we took him in when she moved away. He was also sad and lonely, and my grandma brought up getting him another companion. I did not want one at first because it had only been weeks since losing our pups. We began looking through Petfinder and along came Sage. She was about five months old and was also a German Shepherd mix. My grandmother went and picked her up along with her sister, Aria, who was for my uncle, and brought her to our home. She was very shy at first but took right to me. We have only had her for a couple weeks, but she has opened up so much and absolutely loves her little pool. I felt guilty when we first got her because she was using our other dog's bed that had passed away. But then I realized that the love I showed my lab gave her a great life and I was going to do the same for this little one. It has helped us cope with the loss of our other pups. We actually re-named Sage to Nettie. Our Lab that passed was named Ceelie from my favorite movie, "The Color Purple." Ceelie was the main character, and her sister was Nettie. No matter how far apart they were there was still a great love there. I felt it was appropriate and it fits her well. She is strong and bouncy and extremely happy. She loves to play with my four-year-old son, and we take walks and go to the park and everywhere we can with her and Blue. She may not know it, but we needed her more than she needed us. I love her so much already and cannot imagine her being with anyone else!

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