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Cocoabean - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Cocoabean, a cat
Adopted from S.A.R.A. Inc., Berkeley Heights, NJ

Cocoabean - posted 06/18/2013

From Laurie of Rahway, NJ

In December of 2012, my partner and I decided to adopt a second cat after much discussion and research.

We had narrowed down our selections and had seen another cat through S.A.R.A., which didn't work out but we kept working with them to find one.

A few days later, they contacted us about a shy female long haired Tortoiseshell, somewhere around 3-5 years old that had been rescued from the streets of a neighboring town. They felt she would fit into our home based on what they had learned about us and our resident cat, Casper.

I had seen "Elmora" on Petfinder prior, and kind of inquired about her, but not seriously as there was another cat who looked nearly identical to her that had a better "profile" as far as personality. However, when I ran this by the woman at S.A.R.A., Julia, she told us she felt that "Elmora" would be better suited for us.

So, she was brought to our home for a "meet and greet", it was love at first sight, in spite of the fact that she was extremely timid and evidently would need some time to acclimate to living with us. Once she curled up into my lap, and burrowed into my arms, I was smitten, and bonded with her immediately. I just knew, she was "the one".

Here it is, 6 months later and Cocoabean, as she is now named, is a completely different cat than the one who hid under the bed for the first 2 weeks. She has blossomed into a confident, talkative, playful, beautiful, funny little clown of a kitty, and is great company for our older boy. She has brought great joy into our lives, and we, I'm sure to hers. S.A.R.A. did a fantastic job of matching us up! Kudos to Julia, most especially!

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In December of 2012, my partner and I decided to adopt a second...
Adopted from S.A.R.A. Inc., Berkeley Heights, NJ

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