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Lucy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Lucy, a dog
Adopted from Animal Rescue Force, East Brunswick, NJ

Lucy - posted 03/05/2013

From Maureen of North Wales, PA

As youngsters my husband and I grew up having and loving dogs. We met at ages 13 and 16 and married five years later.

On our honeymoon we bought our first puppy a toy chihuahua that lived 14 yrs. During that time we added two daughters and a son to the family. Next a puppy Biscuit (Chi/Terr) who lived 16 yrs. Then a puppy Peanut a MinPin and two yrs later a playmate Lucy a Min Pin. Peanut lived 16 yrs and two yrs later Lucy died at age 16.

My husbanks Dave and I were heartbroken at the loss and saying that Lucy was our last dog because we were too old to start over with another. We were now 68 and 71. We both had knee replacements and figured our bodies were starting to fall apart and needed new parts and we wondered what would go next. LOL. We said a dog would outlive us, which may be true.

A year went by and my heart still hurt and I teared up or cried whenever I thought about Lucy even for a moment or two. I was longing for another dog and so I began torturing myself by looking a dogs on Petfinder.

One day Dave said "Want to get another dog." Trying to be rational I said, "How can we; we're too old aren't we?" Then we decided maybe we could adopt an older dog, and so I went back online and began to scan the pages and suddenly I saw THE dog. I fell in love with that face and couldn't believe her name was Lucy. I showed the picture to Dave and he felt the same.

I went out and bought a pink, fluffy baby blanket and we drove the three-hour round trip to see if Lucy could be ours. Petfinder said Lucy's owner had died and Lucy had been shifted around and nobody wanted her so she was given away. Lucy was six and had given birth to two to three litters of pups. We were sure the Animal Rescue Force would want someone younger than us to adopt Lucy, but we wanted to try. We were the first ones to arrive at the store and waited anxiously. After talking to a rescuer, we were told not to worry that we would get Lucy. It was too good to be true.

Lucy came in walking unwillingly on a leash, cowering, shaking and looking scared to death. I wrapped my arms around her, sobbing and telling her sweet everythings in her ears. She quieted down and stopped shaking and was at rest.

We wrapped her in her baby blanket which has been her favorite from day one and brought her home to comfort, security, safety and love. She adapted right away to us and her new home.

Lucy is a sweet, lovable, affectionate, funny, snuggly little lap dog. She sleeps in our bed as she has since the first night .

She is on her second vacation in Florida, went to Myrtle Beach last summer and will go again this summer. Our RV is her home away from home. She loves day trips in the car, walking on the nature trails and beach. Anywhere we are is where she wants to be and usually is.

We feed her well with all Blue Products, keep up with her vet visits, but most of all we shower her with lots of belly rubs and tickles, pats, praises, walks, playtimes, and lots of love with hugs and kisses continually. In return Lucy gives us her kisses and unconditional love.

We pray if God wills, He will allow all three of us to be together until Lucy has lived out her life with us. Guess what? We weren't too old to adopt our precious little girl Lucy. In fact we can laugh about it together while we are out bike riding through the campground this week.

Thank you Petfinder and Animal Rescue Force for the huge part you had in bringing extreme happiness into the life of a little cast away dog named Lucy and to her blessed Mommy and Daddy. We three know that we were meant for each other and we believe that Lucy was a gift from God.

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