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Cini - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Cini, a dog
Adopted from Fairy Tails, Miami, FL

Cini - posted 02/24/2013

From Melissa of Brandon, MS

I was looking for a Cocker Spaniel. I'd had one years ago and she was **MY** dog - so I wanted another dog to I share that special relationship.

Cini (prior to my adopting her name: Riley) was the first dog that popped up on the list of dogs when I searched on Petfinder. She looked quite a bit like a Cocker---but most importantly, she just looked ....happy - she had the nicest smile - and was only 10 miles away!

After a phone call to ensure that she was still available for adoption (and the nice lady I spoke with raved about what a nice dog she was) - I was in the car and on my way to pick her up.

She is a wonderful dog. She actually has the markings of a Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever--but not the coloring, since she's brown and black. She is such as pretty puppy - as is obvious from her picture. And she is a sweetheart - and she is **MY DOG**. She is small enough that she can hop up and sleep on my lap, but big enough that she's easy to walk, etc.

And smart!!! This dog is so smart! She has learned to shake paws in addition to all the usual stuff we teach dogs. When I need to brush her, she will hop up on the 2nd step on the stairs so I don't have to bend over so far.

Cini is really my dog -- I can't imagine being without her. When we moved from Florida to Mississippi, I had to move first and start my new job. Cini moved with me, while our other 2 dogs stayed home with my husband. Cini spent her days at Doggy Day Camp at PetSmart and the rest of her time with me.

Now that everyone - husband and two other rescue doggies are in our new home, Cini's pack is back to normal - playing with her family - and being my cuddle puppy.

No wonder we love rescue doggies -- the 3 rescues we have are wonderful!!!!

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