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Photo of Barbie, a dog
Adopted from National Mill Dog Rescue, Colorado Springs, CO

Barbie - posted 01/18/2013

From Debora of Pueblo, CO

Barbie spent her first six years of life in a chicken cage, then another eight months with a loving foster. This little darling doesn't have a hateful bone in her tiny little body; although one wouldn't begrudge her if she did. She could wrap anyone around her little paw in a matter of seconds of meeting her. Wanting only to love and offer comfort, she is quite popular at our local Hospice. As soon as she would lie next to someone in need, she'd lay her tiny little head on their arm or in their hand. They'd smile immediately, even if they hadn't spoken or responded in other ways in days. Never budging, she herself would smile as soon as their fingers began slowly combing through her soft fur. My beloved Tiffany had recently passed so I decided to save another life. How could I know she would want to save lives as well. No one could resist her smile. If they were having a painfully bad day, it would suddenly be suppressed as soon as they saw her smile. How could they resist that smile

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