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Photo of Whiskey, a cat
Adopted from Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society, Brownsville, VT

Whiskey - posted 01/07/2013

From Kaitlin of Castleton, VT

Almost a year ago I made my purchase of a new home. My boyfriend and I already had a little barn cat and I thought, a bigger house finally means we can start thinking about getting another cat. As I had had my barn cat from the time she was a kitten, I thought it wise to consider adoption. I searched Petfinder.com for a male cat that would fit my new household. I found a cat that I though would be perfect, his name was Taylor. My boyfriend and I took the trip to the Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society and took a look at Taylor. We both loved him and filled out our adoption form. Before leaving we took a trip to their "big cat room". Immediately upon entering we were greeted with a big "MEOW" from a huge white cat with a black tail and black mask over his eyes. We looked for his name and found that he was called Whiskey. He was over 15lbs and full of love. I left the shelter with a little bit of regret about our choice, but was still happy with the thought of bringing Taylor home sometime soon.

A couple days later I received a phone call from the Humane Society, the woman explained that though we had been cleared to adopt a pet, the cat we had filed our adoption form had been spoken for. That was when I knew it was meant to be. I asked her about Whiskey and found that he had quite a past. Apparently this handsome boy had been returned to the shelter three times in his 2 year life. The woman explained that he was "abusive" to other cats and "guarded" the litter box. I told her I felt comfortable with doing whatever it took to make my home Whiskey's forever home.

At the end of my work week I made my second trip to the Humane Society, cat carrier in hand, to pick up our new addition to our home. Once Whiskey was settled in the carrier and I got his medical background, my heart broke for him to see the life he had lead put to paper. I knew then for certain he would never return there. The ride home was at first hectic, as it was close to an hour drive home for us. Once he was home the three of us spent our first night in our new home. The next morning i introduced Whiskey to our cat Kit, I was afraid that he would hurt her as hes almost three times her size, but he quickly became the victim as she was soooo excited to have a new friend. It has been that way ever since.

I am so grateful that Whiskey has made his way into our lives, he has been a perfect addition to our family and is the biggest lap cat I have ever met. Its still amazing to me how things work out for the best, and that we both found a the perfect companion. I dont know what I would do without my cat Whiskey!

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