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Photo of Diego, a dog
Adopted from Kirbys Friends Animal Rescue, Flint, MI

Diego - posted 11/24/2012

From Gary of Traverse City, MI



Diego is a magnificent creature. Approaching 80 lbs., and at two years old he is becoming an adult. He is strong in stature and courageous in spirit. Respectful of strangers but commanding of respect in return. As a house dog he is normally quiet and always extremely loving. Sit on the floor and he will be your lap dog. He loves our 12 lb. shih tzu Ellee unconditionally and will pester her with toys until they are in a full romp/play (hence normally quiet). One year ago tonight we got a call from Christine at Kirby's Friends Shelter in Flint, MI. Diego had gotten into a fight with a male St. Bernard in his newly adoptive home. He was removed from the house and put in an outdoor kennel on the property. Christine told us Diego was no longer welcome there. We drove two hours to pick him up. Diego was scared, skinny and scarred from the fight. With much love, patience, attention to his physical needs (allergies) and advice from a professional trainer, Diego is now part of our family. He brings us immeasurable joy and a sense of security that we can barely put into words. We pray this holiday season that any that are undecided about adopting an animal from a shelter would please do it. These displaced animals need you as much as Diego needed us. We thank God for Petfinder and people like Christine at Kirby's Friends who give unselfishly of themselves for the welfare of displaced animals. If you cannot adopt this holiday season, please give generously to a local shelter.

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