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Frasier - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted from Jacks R Wild Jack Russell Rescue

Frasier - posted 10/31/2012

From Sonya of Frederick, MD

My beloved wolf Badger of almost 16 years had passed away and I was looking on Petfinder to get an idea for an appropriate dog for my 3 year old once we were ready. I wanted him to have the same experience of growing up with a companion dog that I had just had as a young adult. I came across a picture of Frasier and wondered what his story was. There was just something about him. In my experience, my pets have always found me and they have been remarkable unusual animals all. Frasier was listed as a dog in MD but it turns out it was a courtesy listing and he actually as in KY! After a lengthy conversation over the course of 2 days with the lady who ran Jacks R Wild, it turned out that we would suddenly get to meet! She would be able to make a trip up to MD to pick up a large donation of dogfood and drop off several other dogs who were to be placed in forever homes. Frasier and I looked into each other's eyes and he has been my (oops I meant my son's) companion dog ever since. This poor little guy had a rough start- got hit by a car and dumped into the rescue's backyard on a frigid November night with a broken pelvis, full of parasites and malnourished. He almost did not make it but now he is living in the lap of luxury- a loving family, beds to cuddle into (even though he has his own bed), toys to destroy and a dog door into a yard filled with brave squirrels. He is the most remarkable, social and lovable Jack Russell ever...unless you are a big puppy..then he has to tell you who is boss!

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