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Max A Pooch - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Max A Pooch, a dog
Adopted from Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter, Deerfield, IL

Max A Pooch - posted 10/14/2012

From Keith of Deerfield, IL

Max A Pooch was a six months old when we found him. He had been relinquised to animal control by his owners and was rescued by Orphans of the storm.

He had no training, by the way he acted he had seldom if ever been outside, by his fear of our basement he must have been kept most of his life in a basement.

As is true of most young Labrador retrievers he was high energy. He was a project dog and would take a lot of time. Yet, when we first saw him my wife and I could not leave him at the rescue shelter.There was something about him when he looked at his. He seemed to radiate intelligence and friendliness.

Today, Max, or as his fans know him Max A Pooch performs to raise awareness of the millions of fine dogs that are waiting for homes at shelters. He is known as the throwaway dog that recycles and was dubbed "Canine Superhero to the Environment by TAILS Magazine.

He earned this title because Max A Pooch does something most people don't. He picks up litter and puts it in its place. When he performs he reminds people that we should recycle not throwaway animals and waste. In addition to being extremely intelligent, Max A Pooch is loving and loyal and makes each day in our lives richer. You can see videos of Max A Pooch in action and learn more about him at his web site He is a reminder of the millions of great dogs that are waiting for their new forever human companions at rescue shelters everywhere.

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