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Adopted from In a campground

Spooky - posted 09/15/2012

From Marilyn of COCHRAN, GA

We first met Spooky when we moved into a campground on May 30,2004. Spooky was known as the campground dog. The owners daughter found Spooky on the entrance ramp of an expressway. She couldn't get near him. She would feed him everyday & put a dog house near the fence to keep him away from the traffic. The campground was only 1/10 of a mile from the expressway. Finally after feeding him for awhile he just followed her into the campground. He just lived there getting food from all of the campers, plus the owners would feed him. For the first 2 years we were there, Spooky lived under a trailer of a lady who lived there full time. When that lady left he took up residence under our trailer. During the winter we would close up an area under our trailer to keep him out of the wind & rain. We also put a heating pad under a blanket to keep him warm. The last year we were there we had a pet fold out couch that my mom bought for our our dog Missy. Well we put that on the deck &

Spooky slept on it. We had a new owner by then. He wouldn't allow dog houses so we put up a table, covered it with a huge trap that went all around & underneath the table. We left a little opening in the front big enough for Spooky to get in. We put the couch at the back & blankets on the deck inside it. He was nice & warm & dry in it. Still no one could get near him, even though he lived under the trailer & on the deck.. Then in March 2008 the campground closed. The owner assured us that he would not leave Spooky there. Well he did. We set up a picnic table with boards all around it & blankets on the ground for him to live in until we were able to get him. We would travel back 39mi one way to feed him & make sure he was OK. There was also a lady from the campground who would also feed him. The last person left the campground on March 8,2008. We finally found someone who tranquilized him. Our vet ran a blood test & we found out Spooky had heartworm & there was nothing we could do. I called everywhere trying to treat him but was unable to find anyone. We took Spooky to my daughters where we were living. To make this long story short, we worked everyday with him. He learned that not all people were mean & that we could pet him & he would be OK. He learned to live in a house/trailer & to walk on a leash. We made sure he had all of his shots each year. Spooky loved to be adored. Once he learned that people could pet him & he would be all right, he couldn't get enough adoration. Spooky lived with us & our other dog, Missy, & our cat,Simba. They all got along great! Unfortunately on August 28,2012 Spooky passed away because of the heartworm. But when he died he knew that he was loved. We spoiled him & adored him all of the time. One person said that with us Spooky had it better then some humans. All we know is that we loved him dearly & miss him very, very much. We are just glad that for the last 4 1/2 years he knew he was loved.

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