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Daisy (formerly Jigg - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Daisy (formerly Jigg, a dog
Adopted from Cache Creek Animal Rescue, Anna, IL

Daisy - posted 09/13/2012

From Janet of Chicago, IL

Pets are great therapy! Mom passed away in July. Dad is recovering from heart surgery with lung complications and a broken heart! They were married 61 years. I'm living in Chicago taking care of Dad but away from my family and pets 2000 miles away.

Lets just say that things were pretty depressing around the house! I really believe that pets can be the best medicine. I wanted an older, calm dog that wouldn't be too rough for Dad. I found Jiggs! The moment she walked in the house, Dad took one look at her and said she looked like our old dog Daisy from the 70's. He immediately started calling her Daisy, so she became Daisy!

From the moment she got home, she made herself at home and acted like she had been with us forever. She has brought some joy back into our home. Why so many people insist on puppies is beyond me. We got the perfect "senior" pet!

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