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Mochi - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Mochi, a dog
Adopted from West Valley Animal Shelter, Los Angeles, CA

Mochi - posted 09/14/2012

From Liora of Santa Monica, CA

One year ago, my husband, David, and I were looking to move to a pet-friendly apartment as we were not allowed to have a dog in our building. My husband suggested that I go on Petfinder to see what kind of dog I would like. I have always loved Pomeranians and decided to do a search for them. I found the profile of a cute little teddie-bear-faced pup located at West Valley animal shelter and instantly fell in love with her picture. The following day, a Saturday, happened to be our wedding anniversary, so my husband decided to take me out for breakfast. He kept making wrong turns until finally, we pulled up in front of an animal shelter.

"What's going on?" I asked, at which point David revealed that he had convinced our building manager to allow us to get a dog! "Happy wedding anniversary!" he said. I was beside myself.

We went to two local shelters in West L.A. before driving to West Valley, where we hoped to find the little Pom I had seen on Petfinder. We looked in each and every cage, but saw no sign of her. I was beginning to get despondent when a shelter worker asked if she could help. We told her about the little Pomeranian we were looking for, and she looked her up on the computer. "Oh," she said, "She's on the truck to go to Petco for a pet adoption," and my heart sank. "But let me see if it's still in the parking lot!" the woman said.

So, we followed her out to the parking lot, and lo and behold, there was the truck! She opened one of the side cage doors, pulled out a little Pom, and handed her over to me. The moment I held this dog I knew she was the one! She covered my face with kisses, and I didn't want to let her go. She still needed to spayed, so we had to wait a whole day before being able to take her home. We named our new addition Mochi.

Once we got Mochi home, we noticed that she didn't appear to be housebroken. She was peeing EVERYWHERE. We soon discovered that her problem was actually due to diabetes, which her previous owners had not treated. Once she was on two doses of insulin a day, her toilet habits vastly improved. So yes, our little dog has special needs, but she is more than worth it. Mochi brings us so much joy, I feel blessed to have her in our lives. The photo is of Mochi and myself the first day I saw her at West Valley Animal Shelter. Thank you, Petfinder!

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