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Daisy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Daisy, a dog
Adopted from North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue, Charlotte, NC

Daisy - posted 08/18/2012

From Doug and Ste of Whitsett, NC

I was looking for a sister for my 6 year old weimaraner. I had been looking at petfinder for about 2 weeks when we decided to give rescue a try. A three hour trip took us into the mountains, where the rescue had a temporary shelter set up. It had rained really hard and the puppies were covered with mud, but we still got on the ground and played with them all until we agreed Daisy was the one. Our girl Daisy, her mother and 3 puppies had been left in a back yard to starve. Rescue had her for a week before we even saw her for the first time, but you could see her ribs and her skin was peeling because of dehydration. When we got her home, Daisy was afraid of loud noises and men and would run upstairs anytime the doorbell rang. However, Daisy immediately took to her big sister, Scarlett. Now, Daisy is a happy-go-lucky girl, who LOVES children and wags her tail so hard her whole body shakes. Daisy is walked 4 miles a day with her sister Scarlett, loves to chase bugs in the backyard, has a lakehouse and loves to ride in the boat every weekend. I can't imagine how anyone could have left her to starve in a backyard and I am so thankful to North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue for saving our girl. Rescue dogs RAWK! (Daisy is the smaller dog in the picture, Scarlett is the larger)

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