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Dixie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Dixie, a dog
Adopted from Gwinnett County Animal Control and Welfare, Lawrenceville, GA

Dixie - posted 05/16/2012

From candace of acworth, GA

How you can you explain something that is just meant to be? Dixie, our rescued Pit Bull Terrier, was meant to be part of our lives. We originally started our journey for a puppy because my husband and I were on different shifts at work so being alone at our apartment was depressing. We had both grown up with pets. I was an adoption manager with the local humane society when I lived in Cherokee County so rescue was the only option. We decided we would either like a Bulldog of some sort as they have always won our hearts. We didn't go to our local shelter because they have a policy where they do not adopt out Pit Bulls, and we cannot support such a horrible discrimination so we drove over an hour to the Gwinett Shelter. After walking around the shelter, we realized we had made the right decision. There were so many wonderful dogs, but we kept coming back to the same cage: PEN 93. This two-year-old Pit Bull was skinny and not the young puppy we were kind of looking for, but she definitely had mastered the puppy-dog eyes. The only problem was the "unavailable" sticker on her cage. So a little disappointed, we walked around for another 20 to 30 minutes and continuously found ourselves back at Pen 93. I asked one of the shelter workers about her because I had seen her on Petfinder and she had been marked urgent. Had someone adopted her before we got there that morning? The shelter worker looked at her file, and then to our surprise said that no, she had not been adopted, in fact she was on the list to be euthanized that afternoon. That loving little Pit Bull in Pen 93 had been at the shelter over a month, and her time was short. As we took her out of the pen into the little area where we could get to know her better, we quickly realized that this beautiful girl had to be ours. To top it off, we left the area right as a family walked into the shelter. They had a young child, and Dixie walked right over to the child, sat down and lifted her paw as if to introduce herself. It was over. She was ours. Now 6 years later , she continues to amaze us with her love and happiness with life. She has gained 30 lbs. and is extremely healthy and quite spoiled. There is not anywhere that she does not go with us and, because of her heart, she is responsible for the education of so many people about the breed that doesn't deserve its reputation. She doesn't meet a stranger and continues to charm whoever is in her presence. To this day we believe she was meant to be with us. What are the odds that such a wonderful loving dog was not only at a shelter that long, but about to be put to sleep on the exact day we drove to a shelter that isn't near us? Dixie has a forever home and so many people that adore her. Thank you to the volunteer that originally listed her on Petfinder. You changed our lives and hers forever.

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