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Peewee and Patch - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Peewee and Patch, a rabbit
Adopted from District of North Vancouver Animal Welfare Shelter, North Vancouver, BC

Peewee and Patch - posted 01/26/2012

From Karen of Vancouver, BC

Patch was abandoned by the family, who bought her at a pet store, due to allergies, and Peewee (Cinder as she was called at the shelter) was found on Seymour mountain, likely dumped too and left to die.

I adopted them on the 1st of October 2010, kept Patch's name as she's had it for at least five years but changed Cinder's. Patch's name suits her, as I can call her either crosspatch when she's grumpy, which is regularly, or patchouli when she's sweet, which she is more and more often! They have very different personalities but get along well: Peewee is very sweet natured, and Patch, well, is the opposite. She took longer to feel safe and trusting, which is no wonder, but she's a great and hilarious, peevish 7-yr-old lady!!! She's the grey, droopy-eared one.

Peewee loves cuddles on the floor (like most buns, she doesn't enjoy being picked up) and will stay wrapped in my arms, occasionally grooming me.

If you spend a lot of time with them and give them free run, rabbits are awesome companions; they communicate amazingly well and certainly know how to make their wants understood! Rabbits deserve to be better known and understood. I would take in more if I could!

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