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Ashley - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Ashley, a rabbit
Adopted from Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, Inc., Foster, RI

Ashley - posted 01/17/2012

From Laurelin of Providence, RI

We have had house rabbits for many years. When our 12 year old bun Ernie's bond mate passed away, we needed to find him another friend. Ernie was adopted from Sweet Binks nearly 9 years ago, and we naturally returned there. We looked at a number of buns, but none of them were quite a match for Ernie. Knowing that he's always preferred larger buns (he weighs in at 2 lbs), we tried out Ashley, a middle-aged Giant Chinchilla. In her former life, Ashley was supposed to be New Years dinner in 2011 but, due to the death of her owner, was spared and ended up at Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue. Her life had been spent in an outdoor shed, being used for breeding and living in the area where other rabbits were slaughtered and dressed for food. She was traumatized to say the least, and spent the first couple of days with us hiding in her litter box (which was larger than her previous cage). By the third day, however, it was like someone flipped a switch, and the 'real' Ashley came out with force! She is now a highly social, silly and fiercely intelligent bun who has taken over the house; she is free range, and sleeps on 'her' couch. She enjoys the company of the cat and dog, and comes running when you call her name. She loves hanging out when her 'dad' plays guitar, and is especially fond of clicker training (and is better at it than the dog). Needless to say, Ernie is more than pleased with her, and we couldn't imagine life without her. Ashley recently won a battle with pneumonia, and we look forward to many happy years with her a part of our household.

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