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Photo of Sparky, a dog
Adopted from Twyla's Friends, Kingwood, TX

Sparky - posted 12/04/2011

From Kim of Spring, TX

When I found Sparky online, he had a face only a mother could love. He had been severely abused, and the vet thinks he was also hit by a car as his hip was shattered in two places. His leg was withered and he was never going to be able to use it but could get around fine on three legs. He was unrecognizable as a breed with dappled, rough fur. After surgery to insert pins in his hip and six weeks in a foster home, he was up to nine pounds but still not using the leg. Once we adopted him and he responded to the love and food heaped upon him, he got up to15 pounds, his fur grew in, his leg healed completely and he became a beautiful Schnauzer who can outrun our other two dogs and uses all four legs. He is such a sweetheart, my friend who owns A Dog Life Pet Salon in Spring, TX, uses him for demonstrations with local Girl Scout troops. He poses and loves the attention. She calls him her demo-dog. We currently have three rescue dogs, but Sparky is my special baby who wants to be rocked and gives kisses when cuddled. He has brought so much joy to me and wouldn't leave my side after I had surgery. He is the perfect dog and an example of why people need to look for rescue dogs as pets.

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