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Photo of Kaleb and Lulu (2 do, a dog
Adopted from A Tail To Tell Inc, Mount Gretna, PA

Kaleb and Lulu - posted 08/13/2011

From Mary of Lititz, PA

We always promised our son Nathan that when he turned 10, we could get a dog. Well, that day arrived and Nathan reminded us of our promise. Our 8 year old son Luke was equally enthusiastic, and promised to learn how to be a responsible dog owner. So as a family we logged onto and began looking at the many dogs in our area that needed forever families.

We discovered a wonderful rescue agency called "A Tail to Tell". The group specializes in freeing dogs from the horrors of life in a puppy mill. Sadly, the county where we live has the highest number of puppy mills in the nation. "A Tail to Tell" was seeking a home for Kaleb, a beautiful 2 year old American Eskimo Dog. After serious consideration of the decision to make a lifelong commitment to a dog, we filled out an adoption application. Within a day, we were invited to come meet Kaleb.

I will never forget the day we met Kaleb. He was confused and anxious - but clearly wanted love and affection. He let us pet him, take him for a walk, and he even played with us. Later that day we had a home visit with the rescue group, and they placed him that very day.

The next few weeks were an amazing progression of trust building and bonding with our new pet. Kaleb's personality changed from shy apprehension to complete love and devotion to our family. Nothing compares to the greeting we get each morning, or when we come home from running errands. Kaleb has been the perfect dog. He has never had an accident, chewed, or been aggressive. We are dumbfounded that anyone would give up such a wonderful dog - and we count ourselves blessed to have such a wonderful addition to our family!

The only "problem" after adopting Kaleb was a nagging sense that Kaleb needed a friend. Once again we turned to as a resource. This time we entered the breed "American Eskimo" into the search and found Lulu who was surrendered by an owner who had kept her in a cage for most of her life. Lulu was 14 months old and needed a family who could love her and give her the freedom and attention that a young dog requires. Lulu had been surrendered to "All Things Pawssible Animal Rescue".

Poor little Lulu! She had been through so much in her short life. Lulu was very timid and shook from the tip of her ears to the bottom of her fluffy white tail. More than anything, Lulu wanted love! As scared as she was, she curled up in my lap, leaned into me and gave me a kiss the first time I met her. Lulu had been spayed two days earlier and needed a safe home to care for her immediately. We decided to foster her and carefully assess if she could adapt to a home with another dog. The first week was tough! We quickly learned that Lulu needed consistent training. We knew that if we invested time, attention and consistently, we would have a wonderful dog. Within days, Lulu was house trained! Even better, she learned to trust us and no longer shakes in fear. As a matter of fact, she is becoming a very confident young lady who gives Kaleb a run for his money. The dogs romp and play with each other like best friends. They love to take long walks with us, go for rides in the car and play in our back yard. At the end of the day they snuggle up at the foot of our bed watch over us as we sleep.

We feel so blessed to have these wonderful dogs in our life! For anyone that fears adopting an abandoned or surrendered dog, let this be an encouragement to give it a try. You will never regret giving a pet a second chance at a wonderful life - and if you are committed, you will be rewarded with the love and devotion of a pet that is eager to have a forever home

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