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Photo of BUDDY, a dog
Adopted from Furry Angels Rescue, Elwood, NJ

BUDDY - posted 03/21/2011


Buddy is 5 year old German Shepherd, he was rescued by the Furry Angel Rescue of New Jersey in North Carolina. There he was found to be tied to a post with a chain wrapped around his right leg cutting off circulation to that leg, which led to an infection where in order to save Buddy's life they had to take a portion of his leg off. Buddy was very skinny as he probably didn't eat for a long time, the chain was wrapped around his leg if he was even fed, he probably couldn't reach it. Buddy recovered well and lived with a foster mother. She had posted he was available for adoption on the Internet at . I was just browsing the site and saw his picture, I have always liked shepherds and have had Shepherd mixes in the past, I then decided to inquire what had happened to him. The foster mother answered my email right away and told me his story, she also stated that I was the only one who inquired about him. I was interested in meeting Buddy and set up a meeting that next weekend, I drove to Little Egg Harbor to meet him, he was such a friendly and happy dog, the foster mother said I could bring him to meet my family which I did and they loved him. I went back to the foster mother's house to sign papers to adopt him and he came home with me that day. He did well adjusting to my house,my family,and the other dogs and even my cat who wasn't sure about Buddy but are now Pals. Later that year Buddy had to go for another Surgery on his leg where it was too long and he kept banging it on the wood floors in the house.He also had a small wound on that leg that wouldn't heal I contacted his Foster Mother and she suggested having him seen by her veterinarian in Absecon ASPCA Animal Hospital he had suggested his leg be cut up higher and we agreed and had it done . His foster mother had many donations for Buddy to help with the cost of his surgery. Buddy did great!! He has such a great disposition and is so friendly that I later enrolled him In a pet therapy training course at Kindred Souls Training Center. He is now 2 years doing Pet Therapy and has touch many peoples lives, he is a inspiration to the sick and the families that he meets and helps them through rough times.

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