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Beans - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Beans - posted 02/23/2011

From Tessa of Vancouver, BC

I adopted my black lab, Beans, on December 11, 2009. At the time they were calling her Puma at the shelter, but kept telling me she was "full of beans" and for that reason was on death row at her previous shelter. A staff member at the Vancouver Animal Control Shelter went to a different shelter where they were overcrowded to take some of the dogs to Vancouver for a chance to be adopted rather than put down. She saw "Puma" and they told her that since she was too high energy and black nobody would adopt her, people tend to overlook black pets, they also had no idea where she came from as they found her wandering by herself as a stray. The Vancouver Animal Control Shelter staff worker thought that since she was a young pure-looking lab, someone would want her. I saw her at the shelter and knew she was the dog for me. She was just about a year old and very friendly. I met her properly in the outside run where she picked up a tennis ball and ran around me in circles while I talked to a staff member about her. The staff member said she was too full of beans and would not be a typical "lab by the fire" for at least another four years and doubted my ability to provide the appropriate exercise for her, since I was only 19 years old at the time. That proved to be wrong! I knew she was running in circles so she could get her energy out from being trapped in a cage for weeks and was just stressed out, temporarily of course. In my eyes all she needed was positive obedience training and a lot of patience. I adopted her the next day and took her for an hour walk before bringing her up to my apartment. I taught her how to heel, as she had no leash manners whatsoever and desensitized her to the busy sounds and streets of downtown Vancouver. When she came up to my apartment and saw the toys I had waiting for her she settled right in as though she had lived here her whole life. It's been over a year since I adopted her and Beans and I are best friends. I renamed her Beans to show the shelter staff that I was confident I could take care of a high energy dog. I take her for four walks a day and frequent swims in the ocean. She didn't end up having as much energy as they said, she sleeps on her bed next to the fire all day and reserves her high energy for the beach, she's never been destructive in the apartment while I'm away and hasn't had any accidents. She inspired me to take a course to become a certified dog trainer and she has been my eager student ever since. I feel so lucky to have Beans, she has changed my life completely. She's my best friend and I highly recommend to anyone out there considering getting a new dog to go to a local shelter and give a good dog a second chance. And definitely don't judge a dog by its shelter story, Beans is now the opposite of what her write up said about her!

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