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Genie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Genie, a cat
Adopted from Just Strays Inc., Yonkers, NY

Genie - posted 02/18/2011

From Patricia of Eastchester, NY

I found my way to my cat Genie on in December 2009. She was 7 months old at the time, and had been rescued (with a cut on her side and a slightly hurt front leg) from an alley at 4 months old by a woman named Beth and the organization Just Strays. I lucked out when I found this cat -- she is so sweet, gentle, energetic and playful and she has brightened every day since I brought her home. I'm thankful to Just Strays and for the work they do. Recently, a local magazine had a pet photo contest, and I entered a few of the zillions of photos I've taken of Genie. Sure enough, she got a lot of votes and was picked as one of the 10 pets in the issue -- in fact, she's the only cat among a crowd of dogs! I'm so proud to show off my furry friend, and hope she brings a smile to the readers of the magazine as she does to me.

Here's a link:

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