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Elvis - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Elvis, a bird
Adopted from The Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary, Louisa, VA

Elvis - posted 01/01/2011

From Annette of Woodbridge, VA

Elvis is a 15 year old Congo African Grey Parrot we adopted from the wonderful organization Project Perry. He first came to us the Summer as a foster but he was so endearing we adopted him. Not only does he proudly say "Hey Elvis" , he calls the dog, sounds like the phone ringing, imitates the microwave, sould like water dripping and countless other words and sounds. He whistles the Andy Griffith theme better than any other bird on YouTube! And as for the dog, he wanders to the floor and walks around with her. They've become good friends. He's become my Husbands good companion - what a wonderful bird!

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