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Eclipse and Nebula - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Eclipse and Nebula - posted 09/19/2010

From Tara of Sewickley, PA

Hi! My name is Eclipse and that digging sound you hear coming from a dark corner is my friend Nebula. We're both jet black bunnies, as dark as the night sky. I'm a mini rex and Nebs is a Holland Lop. We were a bonded pair of four month old bunnies. When we first met our new people at the shelter we were both very shy and hid from our people, but boy did that change! I am always more curious than shy so I was the first one to come around, sniffing the people. I don't mind being picked up but I don't like to be held for long. There are so many interesting things to see and do in my new home! My buddy Nebula, though, is still very shy and will run if our people try to pick her up, but once she's in a lap, she likes to stay there all day! I hope you don't mind that Nebs won't share her story; when she's nervous she prefers to hide and dig. There are lots of things to do in our new home. I like to be walked on a bunny leash in the yard (the lawn is organic, no chemicals for me to worry about) and will bound about everywhere. And Nebula likes to sit in someone's lap in a dark room and watch Star Trek (doesn't she have the perfect name for that). We both get lots of fresh timothy hay and yummy greens from the garden and have three kids who help to take care of us and know all about petting with gentle hands. We have an indoor bunny space where we can romp with notthing dangerous to get into, and we even have a hay tunnel to crawl through when we want to play.

I'm sending a picture of me on my bunny leash. Nebula is hard to photograph because she's always either hiding or camping out on a lap. Silly wabbit!

Thank you so much, Petfinder, for helping our people find us. The good folks at the shelter were wonderful, but we're so glad to have a permanent home to finish growing up in!

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