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Luna and Holly - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Luna and Holly, a dog
Adopted from Alaska SPCA, Anchorage, AK

Luna and Holly - posted 08/23/2010

From Toni of Elmendorf AFB, AK

In May my husband, James, and I came by to look at adopting a puppy. We never thought we'd end up adopting a one year old pit bull/lab mix, Luna, a stray Animal control picked up along the side of the road. Once we met Luna and she jumped into James' lap we knew she had chosen us, like she'd known she was apart of our family. About a month went by of us coming and visiting her before we finally were able to bring this lovable puppy home with us. The first few days we're exciting she loved exploring the three bedrooms we have plus her very own fenced in backyard. By the time we brought her back to finalize she'd gained weight and was looking great. About three more weeks went by and we thought Luna could use a little sister/friend for around the house. We decided to drive back to the SPCA where James and I fell in love with Holly, a 10month old Golden Retriever/ Yellow lab mix. This was the dog he'd always wanted and than we heard her story. At three months old she was thrown off a balcony and broke a rear leg and was turned over with her sister. After she healed she was adopted to a person who wanted a dog to taking out driving, but Holly got car sick and would get excited and pee when he came home, she was brought back. Two days after we decided she would complete the Wilkinson family we needed to make sure Luna wanted to bring her home. So they had a play date, an hour and 45minutes later we end up tearing Holly and Luna away from each other. From that day they were inseparable. Two days later we bring Holly home, to Luna's excitement she has a new toy. From the time we wake up and let them out of their kennels they play all day and all night til bedtime. Both light up our eyes and make our days exciting. Watching them play together makes our days great, knowing we have two happy, healthy dogs that will always love us and be here for us. Holly has yet to make ANY messes or accidents in the house but still gets car sick which is a work in progress. She has turned into a big guard dog. If Luna gets in trouble Holly is right there to protect her and if she thinks James or I are in trouble she's on the front line. It's like having two Arctic Warriors in our family;her and James. Luna however is a little trouble maker,getting into things she knows she shouldn't but is daddy's little girl and is working on being more sneaky. It's great seeing Luna and Holly together. Since both are so different but are the two greatest dogs to come into our lives. They complete our family perfectly and we wouldn't have it any other way!

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