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Simon - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Simon, a cat
Adopted from Anderson Animal Shelter, South Elgin, IL

Simon - posted 06/05/2010

From Beth of Chicago, IL

Our cat Annie was getting way too cocky - we knew it was time to add another feline to the family. We found Simon at a local shelter. He had been adopted and returned and had spent years waiting for someone to notice him. At 8 years old he was an older guy - definitely on the tubby side - He was one of those cats who always gets passed over for the younger, cuter kittens. After a bath, he spent the first month hiding under the bed but slowly over the next few months expanded his comfort zone to include the entire house. He spent so much of his life alone that he will never be a cuddly lap cat, but he trusts us enough now to sleep on our ankles and that is a reward on it's own. He is very curious and loves to sniff things. His favorite part of his new life is having a cat fountain. He even staged a sit-in protest when his fountain broke until we replaced it.

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