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Mr. Spots - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Mr. Spots, a rabbit
Adopted from Animal Care and Control of New York City, New York, NY

Mr. Spots - posted 05/07/2010

From Summer of Brooklyn, NY

I went to look at the rabbits at the Animal Care and Control here in NYC on a whim. I'm allergic to cats, and had been wondering if a bunny might be a nice alternative. I didn't know too much about house rabbits then - I thought they always needed to live in a hutch or a cage.

Well, even though I was just "looking" that day at the shelter, I found Mr. Spots, who was on "bunny death row"; he had been returned for biting a little girl who had adopted him first. But the workers at the shelter insisted he was not a biter and must have been handled improperly. He was adorable and sweet, so I decided to take him home that very day. That was four years ago,

Since then Mr. Spots has been a wonderful addition to my home and life. Because he dutifully uses his cage as a litter box and for eating, it is always open and he roams freely in the apartment. Rather like a very lazy cat who won't jump up on things. Or a very small, very cute fur rug. He's pretty independent, but still seeks out affection, especially if he can sense you are sad. And he loves strawberries so much - he often begs for them at the fridge.

Getting an adult rabbit who is already litter trained is a great bonus, too. He even comes with me to the park on a leash, where he loves getting attention from children. And for some reason, when I sweep the floor, he does a little happy bunny dance where he leaps into the air. I would encourage anyone who wanted one to get a house rabbit. They aren't playthings for small children, but they do make wonderful pets.

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