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Oscar - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Oscar - posted 06/28/2009

From Amanda of Abingdon, VA

My mother lost her dog about a month ago. She decided she wanted to go ahead and get another one. She made a comment one day that she saw some Dachshund puppies for sale at a flea market. I said, "Don't buy a dog when you can adopt one from the shelter." I did a search for her on and found "Troy" at the local animal shelter. He was a Dachshund mixed with a Bassett Hound. I took the grandkids by to meet him since she had to work that day, and they fell in love with him. We took her back to the shelter with us the next day to meet him. It was a tough descision because a little puppy had come in that she really liked too. After a little thought she decided to give Troy a chance at life. He was already an adult and puppies are usually adopted fast. It was a great descision. He is the sweetest dog, loves the grandkids, and has already stolen her heart after only a few days. She changed his name to Oscar Meyer, but we all call him Oscar. Tomorrow he is going to the vet for his shots and neuter. He has found his forever home!! She is glad she took a shot on an adult dog. Even at one year most dogs are overlooked; don't forget about this, guys. An even bigger surprise is that he was already housebroken too!

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