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Cooper - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Cooper - posted 06/21/2009

From Pamela of Green Valley, AZ

A few years ago I had three wonderful kitties in my household. They were the joy of my life. One by one they passed away. Since I was going to be moving I thought I would wait until after the move before adopting another kitty. Well, that did not last long. I really missed the joy these little creatures bring to my life.

Since I know all the little kittens get adopted quickly I decided to adopt an adult cat and to find one that was not likely to get adopted. I went on the search for an FIV positive kitty. Most people don't realize these kitties can live long, healthy lives without every showing symptoms. You just never know but I was willing to take on any responsibility for this adorable little guy. I found him online through Volunteer Services for Animals. They had found him roaming the parking lot at a CVS Pharmacy. It was his lucky day to start his journey to a very happy life.

I cannot tell you how much joy this little guy has brought to my life as well as my husband (who was very apprehensive at first). They are best buddies now. He absolutely loves Cooper and his adorable personality.

I would encourage anyone considering adopting a pet (cat or dog) to consider adopting one that has a disability or health issue. They all deserve good homes, love and care.


Green Valley, AZ

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