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Adopted from Ohio Basset Hound Rescue

Bunny - posted 04/05/2009

From Cindy of Mobile, AL

On October 2nd, 2008, I lost my best friend of 14 years, Bud Basset. We were all heartbroken, but I was devistated. Though we have another young basset, I missed my old friend. Within days of his passing I started looking at senior bassets on Petfinders.com. I looked, and I looked and I looked. I finally found a gorgeous older gal named Dharma. She looked so much like my old Bud I could not believe it. I showed the rest of my family and they too were amazed. I called her foster mom

Barb and talked basset talk. Dharma sounded wonderful. She had some real tricks up her sleeve, like opening up the refrigerator to snack on Kentucky Fried chicken and soaking the floors with her wet lips after drinking. She is missing 18 teeth due to poor care prior to adoption so when she drinks, most of it pours out the sides. I decided to put in an application.

The Ohio rescue was concerned about an adoption so far away, but eventually we were approved. We then drove 800 miles to get her.

It was love at first site. She happily hopped in the car and headed back to Alabama with us where she immediately made herself at home and has stolen all of our hearts. She has filled ,much of the void left by my old pal Bud, and filled our home with the love of a senior dog.

We tell her everyday the she hit the basset lottery, but actually it was us that won.

Thanks to all for helping us find our funny

Bunny, and a special thanks to her foster mom

Barb, for sharing her with us.

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