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Penny - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Penny, a dog
Adopted from New Bern Human Society

Penny - posted 12/27/2008

From Rose of Williamston, NC

After being one of the best dogs that ever lived, my sweet little boy Ewok died at the age of 15 on December 19, 2007. I was devasted. At first my husband did not want to get another dog. After crying every day mourning the loss of my baby, he decided I could get another dog.

I choose to look on On Friday December 28, 2007, I found Penny online with the New Bern Human Society. She was a small dog like I wanted and a mix breed (mutts are the best). I applied for her online. The very next day on Saturday, I received a phone call from her foster mother. She said she would like to bring her by the next day for a visit to our home to see if we were compatible. We already had a cat which we rescued from the Pitt Animal Shelter, and she missed her friend. We wanted to be sure they would get along.

On Sunday afternoon Penny arrived. She was beautiful Chug. From what they could tell she was a chihuahua and pug mix. She was a little shy at first, wanting to stay near her foster mother. I got to hold her and feel in love. She gave me a little doggy kiss, and I was hooked. Her foster mother decided that she would let her stay with us for a week to see how things would go.

By the end of the week the only way that anyone would be able to get Penny from me was to kidnap her! She is a very lovable girl, plays great with our cat and is about the same age.

All we know about her beginning is that she was found, taken to the animal shelter where she contracted parvo. She was then taken in by the Human Society and put in a foster home that nursed her back to health, spayed her and put her up for adoption. In her foster home she was one of about 6 dogs and a cat. Penny is now the princess of the house with lots of love and treats. She weighed 7.4 pounds when I got her and at her last visit to the vet she weighted 11.2. She is happy, loved and full of play. She has now taken over our hearts and filled the empty space left when Ewok died.

Thank you for rescuing her and allowing me to be her mom.

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