What Are The Requirements For Adopting a Pet?

Cute puppy

Thank you for your interest in adopting a pet! Each adoption group that lists their pets on Petfinder has their own rules and requirements for adopting out pets. Petfinder doesn't dictate adoption group policy, including adoption requirements and whether out-of-state adoptions are allowed by each group.

How do I find out what an adoption group's policies are?
If you're interested in a specific pet, please reach out to the adoption group that has that pet. (You can contact the group by clicking "Contact this Organization" on the pet's profile or by filling out our adoption questionnaire by clicking "Adopt Me" below the pet's photo.)

Remember, even if your heart is set on that “one special pet” you saw with a specific group on Petfinder, check the pet lists of other groups, stop in at your local shelter, and check out our Event Calendar to meet with other rescue organizations. Bring a friend who might also be interested in adopting. You’ll become a more informed adopter and your adoption experience will be richer. Should you miss out on your “chosen one” because you don't meet the shelter or rescue group's adoption criteria, you are still moving forward toward finding that special forever friend.