Puffy the Ant

Puffy the Ant is looking for the perfect forever home! This six-legged cutie has been fully vetted, spayed, micro-microchipped, and is up to date on all vaccines. Puffy loves tunnels, marching, and picnics. We’re working on a few basic commands, but to be perfectly honest, Puffy is not all that responsive—but in the right hands, we’re confident Puffy will make a fantastic pet!

Puffy the Ant - April FoolsWell, mostly confident. Actually, we don’t know that much about ants. And Puffy isn’t actually available—or that great of a fit for you. Luckily, Petfinder.com has thousands of listings for pets of all shapes and sizes…all of which would be much better companions than Puffy.

Happy April Fool’s Day from the Petfinder Team!