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The internet is made of cat parents


You’ve heard that the internet is made of cats? (No? Watch the video, we’ll wait.)

Well, today we’re showing that there are millions of proud cat parents behind all those cats – and it’s all to save lives! We’re breaking down stereotypes about cats and the people who love them. You can help by showing your cat-parent pride!

Today, 4/12, share one of our Cat Pride images, infographics, your favorite cute cat man, or a sweet adoptable cat from one of our galleries and encourage everyone who thinks cats aren’t for them to give cat love a chance.

Tag us on Facebook so we can see your posts and use #IAmACatParent on Pinterest and Twitter so everyone can follow the fun.

I love my cat image

Join our blog hop below to get in on the fun! Don’t forget to check what others have written!

The blog hop is where you can enter a link to a blog post you’ve written about cat parent pride, as well as where you can see links to other posts that people have written from all over the internet!

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