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Best Pet-Adoption Videos: Senior pets get some love from the creator of Mutts Comics


This week’s video, from the Shelter Pet Project and Patrick McDonnell, creator of the comic strip Mutts, makes the case for adopting a senior dog.

patrick mcdonnell mutts drawing

Image: Patrick McDonnell, Mutts Shelter Stories

The PSA is an animated addition to McDonnell’s Shelter Stories series – adoption-themed vignettes that he features in his Mutts strip throughout the year and published in a 2008 collection, Mutts Shelter Stories: Love. Guaranteed.

The video shown here is one of six PSAs that McDonnell – a huge adoption advocate and proud dad to Petfinder dog Amelie – created with animator Paul Fierlinger for The Shelter Pet Project. You can see all the PSAs on McDonnell’s blog.

They’re all great, but we opted to spotlight this one, featuring a “mature” pet, in honor of Adopt-A-Less Adoptable-Pet Week.

(Watch another great PSA from The Shelter Pet Project – and find out how the effort promotes Petfinder pets, here.)

Do you know an original pet-adoption video that deserves to make our “best of” list? Leave a comment below!

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