Operation Fancy Free / Jackson County WV

Evans, WV

Our Mission

We would love to facilitate an adoption !! Check out all our lovely foster babies.



We are a small group of volunteers who perform TNR, Trap-Neuter-Release, in Jackson County WV. We are near Ripley WV. Many times we find new litters of kittens or we are asked to foster kittens and find them homes. We foster as volunteers, from private homes, on a space available basis. We believe cats deserve better in Jackson County so we began our group in August 2013.  Operation Fancy Free has altered 762 feral adult cats as of  December 2015. We have fostered to adopt 111 homeless kittens and cats. We hope you will adopt from our group. Your adoption fee helps us save and vet another kitten. Transportation can also probably be arranged within limits. 

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets