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Training Rescue Dogs, Inc.

Alexandria, VA

Our Mission

Training Rescue Dogs, Inc., is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of homeless German shepherd dogs. The rescue will re-train and rehabilitate dogs who have been abandoned in shelters, surrendered by their owners, and who have been victims of abuse and neglect. Without intervention by a rescue, many of these dogs have little or no hope of adoption and most likely will be euthanized. After dedicated training these once discarded dogs are transformed from poorly behaving dogs into model canine citizens.

Adoption Policy

Adopting a dog is a serious, long term commitment for the life of the dog. Training Rescue Dogs strongly encourages anyone thinking about adding a canine member to their family to do the necessary research and be prepared for this commitment.

Training Rescue Dogs will work directly with a prospective adopter providing individualized attention and support in order to help find the appropriate dog for your family and lifestyle. We also suggest you take the time to read through the many resource documents on our website to prepare yourself for the many things that adoption will bring!

Training Rescue Dogs welcomes the opportunity to work with prospective adopters to find the best "fit" and help both adopter (s) and dog become a family. Training Rescue Dogs will work directly with a prospective adopter providing individualized attention and support in order to help find the appropriate dog for the family or individual’s lifestyle and interests. Training Rescue will provide as much information on each dog›s history, disposition and health as is available. Training Rescue wants each of our dogs to find the most appropriate home, not just any home.

Pet Adoption Application, Interview, Home Visit

An applicant is required to complete the online Adoption Application. Once the application is received, the application will be reviewed by a volunteer. A volunteer with Training Rescue Dogs will contact the applicant either by phone or email for an interview to answer any questions about the process. The application requires three (3) personal references, excluding relatives, who has been to the applicant’s home or knows the applicant and family well. If the applicant currently owns a pet(s), or did in the recent past, a veterinarian reference is required to verify the applicant›s pets are current on vaccinations, are in good health, and are spayed/neutered. To help the process move forward, it is recommended that applicants inform references that they are thus listed and might be contacted by Training Rescue Dogs. If the applicant is renting his/her home, proof is required to show that the lease allows pets and that there are no restrictions as to breed or size. The final step is a home visit. A Training Rescue volunteer(s) will schedule to visit to the applicant’s home with all family members present. The volunteer will interview all members of the household and answer any questions. The volunteer(s) will also want to walk all areas of the house, back yard, walking trails, or play areas where the dog would have access. The volunteer is there to verify the home is a safe place for a Training Rescue dog. Upon approval of application and home visit, the rescue will work with the applicant and the family to find their "forever dog."

Training Rescue Dogs does require follow-on training for the dog and the new family. Training is important to establish leadership and a bond with the dog. A trainer will be identified by the rescue based on the needs of the individual dog.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets