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Last Centurion Pit Bull Rescue

San Antonio, TX

Our Mission

At Last Centurion Pit Bull Rescue, we work hard to find homes for those who waited.

Adoption Policy

Matchmaking is important because my goal is to make sure my dog is the happiest they could be. Last Centurion Pit Bull Rescue's slogan is "for those who waited" because a forever home is the goal. I know what they are looking for and together we will wait as long as we need to to find it.

The process starts with a foster application AND matchmaking quiz. When I evaluate the answers i will set up a meet and greet with the dog that matched. If desired, you may meet other dogs as well.

Then we need a home check. This can be in person or through the phone via pictures and videos of where the dog will sleep, eat, play, use the bathroom, and stay when you're not home. There should be a reasonable amount of supplies for the incoming dog even if this is your first pet. Be prepared for anything!

After the meet, next step is a sleepover. After that, we all take a couple of days to decide if the 30 day foster-to-adopt period is the best option for everybody
During this time I need updates at least twice a week and evidence of keeping up with preventatives, food, baths, training, and love. At the end of 30 days, you may sign the adoption contract. If a dog still needs vetting, it is to be scheduled and added into the contract as a clause. Contact is void if vetting is not completed by date agreed on.

Please reach out with any questions.
I hope you find this method of adoption as beneficial to you as it is to me. Thank you for adopting.

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