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Bottle Babies / Lowcountry Kitten Rescue (LKR)

Mt Pleasant, SC

Our Mission

Established in 2005 by Mt. Pleasant Veterinarian, Dr. Sally Price, LOWCOUNTRY KITTEN RESCUE (LKR) (dba Bottle Babies) is geared toward the most vulnerable felines... abandoned neonates. Born blind and helpless, they are at risk for disease, starvation, and predation. From lCU-level care to around-the-clock bottle feeding, LKR will do whatever it takes to shepherd these tiny orphans to weaning. Weaned "graduates" are typically 6-8 weeks old when they are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and showcased for adoption at local events. On any given Saturday, you can see Dr. Price around her community with popular "Kittens and Careers" booths that seek to provide outreach for placement of adoptables and use interactive visuals to engage children's interest in careers in medicine and science, and educate the public on pet health, welfare, and responsible pet ownership.

Adoption Policy

Contact us and receive a simple adoption application and let us know where in the Mt Pleasant area you would like to meet to pick up your new baby!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets