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Save Kitty Foundation

Astoria, NY

Our Mission

SaveKitty Foundation is no-kill, all-volunteer Queens-based rescue group that helps New York City's homeless and abandoned animals. We are not a shelter; the cats we have available for adoption are cared for in our homes. TNR is one primary area of focus for our group. It is considered by experts in the field, and by us, to be the most humane solution to the homeless cat problem. In the process of doing TNR we come across many friendly stray cats and kittens. We don't return them to the streets, as we do with feral cats. Instead, we take them into foster care and commit ourselves to placing them in loving homes. SaveKitty volunteers rescue animals from the streets, basements, alleyways and abandoned buildings of Queens and other NYC neighborhoods, and from desperate situations, where their lives may be in danger.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopters complete an online application. All applications are then reviewed and potential candidates are contacted for a phone interview/conversation to ask/answer questions, determine if the cat is a good match for their home/family, and then discuss next steps. If both sides want to move forward, we ask for a video tour of the home and also any relevant medical records for their resident cat. Additional conversations often follow - suggestions for addressing potential hazards in the home (e.g. poisonous plant). If everything checks out with those two items, the adoption is approved and adopter is given information on supplies to purchase.

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