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Toms River Township Animal Facility

235 Oak Avenue
Toms River, NJ 08753

Our Mission

To provide temporary shelter to stray, abandoned, rescued, and surrendered animals with the purpose of finding them permanent suitable new homes.
To facilitate the adoption of rescued abandoned, abused, and neglected animals into safe, loving furever homes. Our passion is to provide a safe and healthy transition into their new homes.
To serve our community and adopters by educating and encouraging responsible pet ownership with an emphasis on the need for spaying and neutering.

For your Information:
Toms River Animal Control can only remove sick or injured wildlife. We do not handle nesting wildlife or nuisance wildlife in or around residential homes. For this service, a licensed wildlife removal service will need to be contacted. You can find this information in your yellow pages under wildlife trappers, pest control or contact the facility at (732) 341-1000 Ext: 8450 for a reference. Please be aware this is a paid service.
We never euthanized animals due to space or time constraints, but we may elect to euthanize in the event of a severe, untreatable/debilitating illness, or extremely dangerous behavioral concerns.

Adoption Policy

The fees are as follows:
Dogs under 7 years- $150
Dogs 7 years and older- $100
Cats under 7 years- $75
Cats 7 years and older- $50

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets