Our Mission

So many cats and dogs are not receiving the proper medications that they regularly need or have been neglected. Therefore, when these animals wind up at animal control due to owners not being able to care for them anymore etc, many of the dogs are heart-worm positive and cats have upper respiratory conditions. Heartworm is a sickness that can be treated and dogs can live normally happy lives after their treatment. Unfortunately, this treatment is very expensive, often costing several hundred dollars per dog. We have recently taken in several heart-worm positive dogs and many other dogs with severe illnesses that needed to be treated. We are in desperate need of donations to help cover these medical expenses. We are also in desperate need of quiet, calm homes where these dogs can recuperate from their illnesses.  If anyone is interested in fostering a heart-worm positive dog, would like to foster a kitty that just needs some medication for

Adoption Policy

Online Cat Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1sol9jIom-w8s9UEa-H-4nJ3c1jFxy3OdFb1po5CL88M/viewform


Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets