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Act2Pups Pet Rescue

Marietta, GA

Our Mission

Life can deal you lemons and making lemonade without thumbs is tough. We’re not complaining…we’re happy for any help.  We’re in our Act2 and as a senior rehoming can be especially tough but not impossible.  We’ve been in great homes and our person disappeared (it’s called passing away I think) and other people don’t want us so we’re trundled off to a loud scary place.  Yesterday we were stress free and enjoying our surrounds and today we’re….I don’t know where we are but it’s not cool!  Today starts the rest of our lives and we have lots of love, loyalty lessons to teach to those that want us.  We’re not old we’re seasoned.  We’re not over the hill we’re at the pinnacle and ready to soar.  We don’t race around like a young pup, but tool around like a well behaved pup.  We’re seniors, and that’s a wonderful thing to be. . Look at our faces and see how we’ve bloomed since being rescued. Imagine YOU with one of us, it’s possible we’ll be here for a long time. But no matter how long or short we’re with you, I promise you’ll never find a better pup than one in its second act.

Adoption Policy

It is always best to make sure your pet(s) get along with the Act2Pups pet that you are interested in. This can be done at an adoption event, or an appointment can be arranged. We ask that all family members visit at the same time if possible.

To start the adoption process a completed application is needed. (We currently do not have our application on line, but hope to soon). We will e-mail a copy of the application. Once the application is processed and approved a home visit is performed. This is done more to make sure any concerns pertinent to the dog you are interested in can be addressed. Most senior dogs don't require a large yard.

A trial adoption can be begun with the home visit. Act2Pups provides everything the dog requires during the trial. The trial usually lasts no more than a week. Any time during the trial the applicant can choose to adopt.

All of our senior pups are in foster homes. Contact: for additional information on any of our pups.

We will be holding adoptions on January 25th at:

Top Dogs Pet Boutique
2615 George Busbee Pkwy NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144

From noon until 4pm

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