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Our Mission

United Paws, Inc is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit cat rescue located in Ocala, Florida. We are dedicated to saving shelter and abandoned animals that are in danger of euthanasia in central Florida. These animals are usually medically needy or have temperament issues due to stress. We provide a loving foster home for each animal and work to place each animal in a forever home. We provide all medical care for our intake animals in order to place healthy animals. We do not turn away any animal in need. We provide our services to shelter animals and animals from the community at large that have been abandoned, found sick, or injured. Our policy is to not euthanize any animal unless there is no hope at all for recovery.

Adoption Policy

First we make sure that the adopter is a proper match for the cat, through conversations with their foster parent and/or a meet and greet. We are very careful to match the personality of the cat with the personality of all other humans and animals in the home to ensure a smooth transition for both the cat and the adopters. Then, the adopter fills out the application- if they pass the home and vet checks they proceed to a short phone interview. If approved, they pay their adoption fee and can take the kitty home that same day.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets