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Paws Rescue League Inc.

Middletown, CT

Our Mission

Working in rescue for over a decade, we were tired of only seeing puppies, young, and pre vetted dogs getting saved. While the dog in the back with the leg that needs amputation gets passed by. We want to make a difference by saving the dogs who actually need to be saved. Most of these dogs won't get out unless WE rescue them. We rescue seniors, ones on the euthanasia list at animal control, (due to limited space). We save the HW positive dogs, the injured dogs who need a bit more vet care, that most other rescues pass over. We are an all inclusive rescue, we save dogs of every age, every breed, despite medical conditions, and get them vetted and ready for furever homes in New England! We believe every dog deserves a chance at life, and to know what it feels like to be loved. We also want to educate the communities we rescue from in the south and adopt to in the north about the importance of spay and neutering, also the importance of keeping your pet safe, and registering their microchips, so if lost and found they can get back home!

Adoption Policy

WE ARE A FOSTER BASED RESCUE AND ARE LICENSED IN CT. We have fosters throughout New England. The applicant MUST be willing to meet the dog at the foster's location.

1) You must fill out an application. Applications can take 2-5 days to complete,

Please go on our website to submit an application:


2) A home visit will be scheduled with with the potential adopter, either in person or over a virtual video call. Once you have had your home visit, you will receive an email notifying you of our decision.

3) If approved a meet and greet will be arranged with you, and the dog and the foster parent. So you and your family/fur members can meet the dog and make sure everyone gets along.

4) We send adopters the adoption contract prior to the meet and greet so you have a chance to read over the adoption contract. Adopters must sign the contract before taking the dog home with them. You have 48 hours after meeting the dog to decide to adopt or not to adopt. - We try not to hold up dogs for too long and do not want to miss out on a good home for them.

5) If you choose to adopt, you will need to sign before picking the dog up, or bringing the dog home. We ask for a "I am furever home" picture to post to our website after each dog has been adopted!

** We are NOT adopting to MA or ME residents at this time! Thank you!

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