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Our Mission

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Our Mission is to save the countless number of kittens/young cats at risk to be euthanized each year. This problem is largely due to pet abandonment and overcrowding in shelters. Our goal is to provide them with a nurturing and safe environment with full medical care.

When age appropriate, the healthy felines will be spayed/neutered, and placed in a permanent, safe and loving home.The well being of felines placed in our care is our top priority.

Adoption Policy

We believe in responsible adoption, because it’s what leads to the successful placement of cats in forever homes. Our adoption process supports this, helping to ensure that potential adopters are fully prepared for the commitment they are making, in both time and resources. During our adoption process, we help you find the right feline-human chemistry for a long-term relationship. We also help you make sure that it’s the right time in life for you to bring a new cat into your home. As stated in our mission statement, EVERY feline that comes in to our rescue is altered, de-wormed, microchipped, given first round of vaccines, and ensured healthy BEFORE they will be adopted out.

What to expect:

Adoption Application
Video home check
Meet and Greet (After Application Approval)
Bring new addition home

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