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Our Mission

Our Mandate is to fund and promote sterilization of stray and barn cats as a means to humanely reduce the overpopulation of cats in Spencerville and surrounding areas. Some of the cats will be relocated if necessary or adopted into indoor homes.
We are a team of volunteers who are willing to live trap, spay/neuter and adopt/release stray cats back into the community as appropriate. Some cats will be adoptable for homes, others for barns and some feral cats will go back into the community, but with support i.e: insulated colony houses and people feeding them.

Spencerville and area (like many other areas) has a stray cat problem. The cats are in poor health and proving to be a nuisance (defecating in sandy areas, getting into garbage, possibly introducing diseases like FIV). The anticipated outcome is a humane approach to decreasing the stray cat community in our village. It will take time and some volunteer hours/financial support, but many other towns/communities have taken this approach with successful outcomes.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopter fill out an application. Once they have applied, our adoption coordinator will reach out and first screen. Once they pass the screening process, they will put into contact with the foster. The foster will answer any questions the potential adopters have about the cat. If the adoption coordinator who is included on all interactions between the foster and potential adopter believes it is a good match, they potential adopter will fill out the contract, pay the adoption fee and arrange a time to pick up the at the fosters home or cattery depending on the situation.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets